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If you’re interested in complex strains with rich backgrounds, Ringo’s Gift is for was named after cannabis activist and CBD pioneer Lawrence Ringo. Both ACDC and Harle-Tsu have been crossed to create this strain that’s rich in benefits and is awesome in flower, oil, or shatter form.

The potency of this strain is outrageous, but maybe not in the way you are anticipating. THC levels only reach about 1%, with CBD skyrocketing into double digits with ease. Several phenotypes of this plant are available, making her numbers vary depending on what you find. These airy and light buds are mint green with bright orange pistils and super frosty trichome coverage. Hash and mint will dance along your tongue and in the air around you, creating a classic and fresh experience.

This much CBD is obviously a goldmine for medical cannabis users, therefore making Ringo’s Gift a true gift in your life. Inflammation and bodily pain are very quickly soothed as your mind receives her cannabinoids with ease. Mental concerns including anxiety, stress, and depression also tend to dissipate as well, leaving you in a place of peace and openness for whatever comes your way. Although it’s not an overly energetic strain, Ringo’s Gift is recommended for daytime use.

Lab Text Result.

Ringo’s Gift CBD Hemp Flower  ratio ;

CBD (18-22%) to THC (0.3%),

1 review for Buy Ringo’s Gift CBD Hemp Flower Online

  1. Adam Rover

    Ringo’s Gift was amazing sticky and gassy very nice. Would definitely recommend it!

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