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Lab Tested Results:

THC: 7%

CBD: 15%


Harlequin is a unique Sativa. Unlike the majority of strains out there, Harlequin is high in non-psychoactive CBD. In fact, this strain consistently puts out a 5:2 ratio of CBD to THC. The result is a mild-mannered herb perfect for medical marijuana consumers or those who don’t like to feel an intense psychoactive high. Most often, this strain has THC levels of no more than 6%, while CBD hovers between 6 and 16%. CBD and THC work synergistically with each other to stop pain and anxiety.

After a little Harlequin, you’ll feel pleasantly relaxed with ample amounts of mental clarity. An upbeat strain, this flower is a great choice for those with mood disorders. Yet, Harlequin is also great for those new to cannabis. If your tolerance for THC is low, this is a good way to ease into the herb without overdoing it.


This strain is extremely popular in the marijuana community not just for its unique CBD to THC ratio, but also its pleasant flavors and aromas. Marijuana enthusiasts treasure the earthy musk with hints of mango and tropical fruit lurking underneath. These flavors intensify when this strain is combusted, with woody notes adding themselves into the mix, as well as other citrus fruits. The smoke is relatively smooth and doesn’t linger overly long on the palate.

This strain’s lower THC content will make the thick layer of trichomes somewhat surprising to experienced marijuana consumers. Nicely packed leaves are riddled with burnt orange pistils. Cannabis consumers should have no problem breaking this one up with their hands, despite that sticky look.

Medical Benefits of Harlequin

This upbeat strain is popular amongst the recreational marijuana community, but for medical consumers, this strain is also quite versatile.

It’s thought to be great neuropathic pain from serious conditions like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis

It also provides calming daytime relief to those with PTSD and severe anxiety. Other less severe mood disorders are also managed nicely by this strain

High CBD oils and extracts from this strain may be beneficial for those with seizure disorders and intense muscle spasms.


7 reviews for Buy Harlequin Online

  1. moore

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    • admin

      Thanks so muck for the reference and review on our site…much love!

  2. h

    Haven’t smoked the other strains on this site so far i will say this is my fav… my best online weed store.

    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback.

    • admin

      Much appreciation.

  3. Johnson Bradley

    Fantastic strain verry strong i had a batch that was 32.9% thc once i rarely see anything that strong.

  4. Connie Sciola

    Funky fruity aroma to the buds upon dismemberment. Tasty smoke. Heady high. I love u terrapin 💚🐢

  5. Chet Remley

    This is an excellent hard hitting strain. Distinct taste. Very different vibe from most other strains I have tried. The thing is this is the leftover spaghetti of cannabis.

  6. Harley Bartha

    Nice uplifting feeling. I like that it doesn’t make me too tired so it’s good for a daytime sesh.

  7. Moa

    Best product I have, this is all I smoke now. If you have a pain issue or having trouble sleeping! This is your product!

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